Process Safety Services (PSS)

The development of an effective process safety and risk management system is dependent on the formulation of a common framework that incorporates all local regulatory requirements and various corporate standards. Industries that realize the full business benefits of implementing a Process Safety Management System realize the freedom of self-determination and thus avoid different costs that are incurred from accidents.

Risk assessment is achieved through both quantitative and qualitative analysis at different levels of detail. At CE&O, we have an effective system in place for conducting various Risk Assessment and Hazard Analysis studies which include

  • Design Safety Reviews
  • HAZIDs
  • HAZOPs
  • Process Hazard Analysis / Process Hazard Review
  • SIL Assessment
  • Operability & Maintability Study

BP Deepwater Horizon

List of Process Safety Studies

  • MOL Cyclic HAZOP for CPP
  • PARCO MOGAS Pipeline and Terminal Stations HAZID and Fire Protection Review
  • OGDCL Dhakni Gas Process Facility Process Safety Management Audit
  • Ethane Compression facility (75 MMSCFD X 3 Trains), Petro Rabigh, KSA
  • Butane Pipeline Pumping facility 75 m3/hr, Petro Rabigh, KSA
  • Refrigeration Unit Revamp for Styrene Production unit, KSA
  • Offshore Compression Facilities (75 MMSCFD X 4 Trains), UAE
  • Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) of Oil producing off shore platform
  • Three phase Separators Debottlenecking project, UAE
  • Amine Sweetening Unit Basic Engineering Stage HAZOP, Pakistan
  • Low pressure vent gas recovery Compression Project, UAE
  • Offshore Well head platforms Test Separators Installation , UAE
  • Sawan Gas Gathering Network Project OMV Pakistan
  • Latif well head field development OMV Pakistan
  • Latif -10 Well head development project OMV Pakistan
  • Operability and Maintainability of Mehar Gas condensate transportation project
  • Mehar Gas condensate transportation project OMV Pakistan
  • Benzene Steam Stripping plant
  • 50 TPD Chlor-Alkali plant UAE, Germany
  • ADHI Early Production Facility Revamp Basic Engineering Stage, Pakistan Petroleum Limited

Process Safety Training Seminar,
ARL Dec 2016

  • Flixborough
  • Bhopal
  • Pasadena
  • Buncefield, UK

Feedback of Process Safety Training Seminar

CE&O / HJS Tech has provided process safety training to the managers, engineers, supervisors, HSE and process safety professionals of Attock Refinery Limited (ARL) at ARL Management Training Center, Morgah, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, in the year 2016.

The training includes the following:

  • Process Safety Management frame work
  • Elements of Process Safety Management
  • Process Safety versus Personal Safety
  • Historical incident database and largest losses
  • Leading and lagging indicators
  • Qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative risk analysis
  • Risk control system performance indicators
  • Exercises, tasks, case studies and training videos

We are extremely satisfied with the quality and delivery of the process safety training program and write to express our thanks and appreciation for their positive and professional approach and sincere efforts of transfer of knowledge.

We wish M/s HJS Tech / CE&O success and are hoping to work with them in the future.

Best regards,
Mohammad Aliemuddin
Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Department
Attock Refinery Limited, Morgah, Rawalpindi, Pakistan