Engineering & Project Management

We provide comprehensive Engineering, Procurement and
Construction Management (EPCM) and Process Equipment Package
Engineering to Clients in the Oil & Gas and Chemical Industry.


Plant Operations Services

This segment primarily focuses on providing
Brownfield Engineering services and all kinds of
equipment and supplies to Petrochemicals, Oil and Gas,
Power, Food and Fertilizer industries.


Process Safety Services

The development of an effective process safety and
risk management system is dependent on the formulation
of a common framework that incorporates all local
regulatory requirements and various corporate standards.


Solutions for Success

Chartered Engineering & Outsourcing was founded in 2007 in Lahore, Pakistan with a vision to act as an engineering and management support company. Our vision and priorities are to provide highest quality of engineering management, equipment design, and services. Our simple beginnings received extensive support from our valued clients and we have been able to establish our position that has grown into a strong foothold in the industry.

What we offer

Why Choose CE & O?

We deliver efficient engineering services revolves around the presentation of technical skills, good engineering judgment and domain expertise. With Chartered Engineering, you will not only get excellent products and engineering services, but you will also be presented with a winning combination of solutions that are essential for sustainable growth and development of your business or industry.

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